All etchings are 18x24" . They are printed in small editions by the artist, on 100% rag paper.

"Vivaldi's Muse"

"Andre Breton in CT"


"Charles Alkan"

"Cher Louis"


"Death and the Maiden"


"French Cafe"

"Galileo's Daughters"

"George and Marie"


"Harpist With Unicorn"

"I Watched, Fuming"

"Just a Cigar"

"Lady Godiva"

"Lady With Unicorn"

"L'Apres-Midi Du Soldat"

"Marie-Antoinette In Hell"

"Marquis de Sade"

"Melancholia 1"

"Melancholia 2"

"Model Making Soup"

"Mozart and Da Pont Visit Mozart"


"Sally Hemings"


"Sculptor and Model"

"Soloman and Sheba"

"St Gerome"


"The Apprentice"

"The Bartender"

"The Botanist"

"The Doge"

"The Duel"

"The Guard"

"The Madman and the Nun"

"The Queen of Sheba Bakes a Cake"

"The Smith"

"The Temptation"

"The Visitation"

"The Winning Ticket"


"Voltaire In Love"

"The Monkey Suitors"


"The Monkey Tailors"


"Monkeys with Sleeping Bride"

"Woman with Monkeys"

"Alpha Monkey"





"Spider Making Her Web"


"La Riposte"